I'm a creative/strategic hybrid: an experienced brand strategist and an awarded designer/illustrator.

By combining a generous dollop of raw talent with a a high level of market and customer insight I produce engaging creative work that is both visually compelling and highly effective.

I'm lightning fast and easy to work with: responsive, reliable, & ruthlessly committed –not just to creative excellence but to effective results. Every client becomes a partner, and every project is a mission, and my quirky wit and cheerfulness keeps each gig fun for all concerned!

In a career spanning three countries and nearly three decades I have created everything from logos for a pie bakery to packaging design for the world's best selling Scotch, and from product illustrations for ad agencies to animated short films for the UN. I've even painted watercolors for the Australian government and designed currency for the (then) Soviet Union. (Of course they promptly fell to pieces without paying the invoice, so I'm not sure it actually counts as a professional achievement).

Currently I am freelancing but I have worked as a consultant for Fortune 1000 firms, a Creative Director of one multinational ad agency and VP of Marketing for another and I have owned and managed two creative companies; one design firm in Sydney, Australia (Studio Gecko) and one interactive communications agency in New York (Riptide Communications –which went public in April 2000).


  • Solo exhibition, at age 13, of landscapes in oils and watercolors of native birds.
  • BBC's David Attenborough "Life On Earth" televized bird illustration competition, first place.
  • Ran a creative program for the City of Auckland in which Art students were commissioned by corporate sponsors and the city to paint giant, iconic murals over the summer break. These murals lasted decadesand brightened the cityscape for millions of people.
  • Appointed youngest-ever Creative Director for MCann Erikson NZ at age 20.
  • Founded Studio Gecko in Australia, specializing in high-end design, illustration and print for brand and marketingcommunications.
    Gecko pitched for and won, Wella Australia, Johnson & Johnson Medical, United Distillers Group (Johnnie Walker, Gordon's Gin and Jim Beam).
  • First and only western designer to design legal tender for the Soviet Union, with commemorative 50 through 200 ruble solid gold coins, commemorating Michael Gorbachev's Glasnost and Perestroika initiatives.
  • Successfully pitched 9 blue chip brand accounts in New York, as freelance art director and storyboard artist for Young & Rubicam, J.Walter Thompson, McCann Erikson, Bozell and Ammirati, Puris.
    Accounts won included M&M's, Dr Pepper, Ray Bans, Delta Airlines, Burger King, Verizon, Sprint and Bell Atlantic, and Molson Ice.
  • Ten highly successful Toy & Game package designs for new product launches by Pressman Toys worldwide, between 1994 and 1996.
  • Founded Riptide Communications, 1996. Riptide was an interactive communications firm specializing in large-scale e-commerce, community and marketing Web sites for global 500 firms. At its peak,
    Riptide employed over 40 people and recorded revenues in excess of $4 million.
    Clients included Visa, Sony, Toyota, Kellogg's, Philips. SkyMall and Condé Nast.
    The Visa Business Resource Center served a merchant community of 17 million members, and SkyMall stock rose from $16 to $48 per share within a week of the and SkyMall site launches.
  • Riptide Communications IPO, as part of a merger of three companies, opening as Digital Lighthouse (DGLH) for $12 per share on NASDAQ in April 2000.
  • Launched a global HR campaign for the United Nations, which saw animated short films broadcast to 40,000 staff members,in field stations, on missions and in headquarters around the world, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.



  • Bank of NZ Craft In Architecture Award, first place, 1986, for a corporate interior design executed with Glass Artist Linley Adams.
  • 6 National Print Awards (2 Gold, 3 Silver, 1 Bronze), between 1988 and 1992, for design and print production on marketing collateral, internal communications and packaging design for Wella Australia, Johnson & Johnson Medical and Young & Rubicam.
  • Consumer’s Digest “Best Action Game” packaging award 1995, for Pressman Toys “Hydrostrike”.
  • Correll Paint (formerly Fractal Design Painter) international “Beyond The Canvas” digital painting award, first place, 1996, for digital illustration of children’s book spread “Daydream Charlie”.


Recent directions:

In addition to my regular design and illustration work for long-standing clients, I have recently been partnering several start-ups that focus on developing country markets (for whom I handle their corporate identity, investor communications and brand and marketing strategies) and I have been working with the United Nations on International HR communications campaigns (creating animated short films and comic strips, published in English and French).

My current work has led to the founding of, an agency specializing in private sector and development community partnerships to build transformative businesses in some of the poorest rural regions of the world.

I am actively seeking new clients in publishing, advertising and consumer brands.